About Homeopathic Care

Homeopathy is a medical system developed in Europe over 200 years ago. Scientific evidence shows us the safety and effectiveness of homeopathic medicine for a variety of conditions. Homeopathy provides a “spark” that stirs the body’s own self-healing, and it can be used alone or with regular medical treatment. As a licensed Nurse Practitioner, I can help you with your regular medical treatment as well.

Realtime Schedule

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Treatment Design & Cost

The best use of alternative therapies such as homeopathic medicine lies in blending alternative with mainstream therapies. Your visit includes:

  • Thorough medical and homeopathic evaluation
  • Discussion of your options, conventional and alternative
  • A personalized, holistic treatment plan

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Nutritional Supplements & Herbs

Nature has equipped us very well to live on the foods we eat. If you need supplements, I will make specific recommendations, and you can order professional-quality supplements at a reasonable price, shipped directly to your home. Click the Fullscript button to explore the store!